Body parts front 2cv

Rubber ventilation flap

SKU: nw1473
Sales price:  € 10,00

Mesh behind ventilation flap

SKU: nw1472
Sales price:  € 69,50

Alternator cap 2cv

SKU: nw1532
Sales price:  € 29,50

Battery box

SKU: nw1463
Sales price:  € 39,50
stainless steel

Battery clamp

SKU: nw1464
Sales price:  € 25,00
stainless steel

Bonnet 2cv

SKU: nw1466
Sales price:  € 495,00
Very bad fit !

Rep.part hood support LF - RR

SKU: nw2152
Sales price:  € 7,50

Rep.part hood support RF - LR

SKU: nw2153
Sales price:  € 7,50

Side panel front left 2cv

SKU: nw2154
Sales price:  € 25,50

Side panel front right 2cv

SKU: nw2155
Sales price:  € 25,50
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