Crankcase ventilation 2cv 18pk

SKU: nw1142
Sales price:  € 4,50

Crankcase ventilation

SKU: nw1053
Sales price:  € 8,50

Crankcase stop 2CV/DS/HY magnetic

SKU: nw1143
Sales price:  € 6,00

Oil pressure switch 2cv6/dyane

SKU: nw1138
Sales price:  € 8,50

Prise bearing 2cv /12x18x16

SKU: nw1140
Sales price:  € 6,00

Oil level dipstick 2cv4/2cv6

SKU: nw1160
Sales price:  € 18,50

Tube oil level dipstick

SKU: nw2040
Sales price:  € 29,50

Oil pump 2cv6

SKU: nw1116
Sales price:  € 56,00

Oil pump 2cv6

SKU: nw1115
Sales price:  € 114,50
+ alu. housing


SKU: nw1153
Sales price:  € 53,50
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