Gaskets and seals

Gasket in-outlet 18 pk ,425cc

SKU: nw1881
Sales price:  € 3,00

in-outlet gasket 12 pk 425cc

SKU: nw2049
Sales price:  € 5,50

Pushrod rubber

SKU: nw1195
Sales price:  € 1,00
stoterstangrubber 2cv Dyane

Pushrodseal 2cv Azam

SKU: nw2050
Sales price:  € 2,00

Pushrod rubber

SKU: nw1267
Sales price:  € 9,50
stoterstangrubber 2cv Dyane

Crankcase st.ring full copper

SKU: nw2052
Sales price:  € 1,00

Oilfiller gasket 2cv

SKU: nw1135
Sales price:  € 0,75

Gasket for oil cooler 2cv

SKU: nw1197
Sales price:  € 0,50

Oiltube gasket

SKU: nw1198
Sales price:  € 1,00

Crankshaft seal front 2cv

SKU: nw1200
Sales price:  € 2,50
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