Petrol filter small 2cv

SKU: nw1009
Sales price:  € 2,50

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Petrol filter large (visa 0.6)

SKU: nw1010
Sales price:  € 4,00

Oil filter 2cv LS131 Purflux

SKU: nw1001
Sales price:  € 9,50

PURFLUX 19x26x1.9 2CV / Dyane / LNA/Vl 0.6


Air filter complete 2cv6

SKU: nw1008
Sales price:  € 19,50

voor kunststof huis


Air filter support set 2cv

SKU: nw1002
Sales price:  € 3,50

Air filter round for steel housing

SKU: nw1004
Sales price:  € 14,50

Purflux 115x90x66 2cv4 /2cv6 /2cv AK AKA AKF --> 4/'77 Dyane4 / dyane6 --> 2/'77 Mehari 4x2 , 4x4 A407 | AZ1715 | AZ1715D


Air filter round for plastic housing

SKU: nw1005
Sales price:  € 14,50

Purflux , 135x95x80 2cv4 ,2cv6,2cv AK, AKB, AKF 5/'77 --> 2cv AK400 , AYA Dyane 6 3/'77 --> LN


Air filter housing 2cv plastic

SKU: mrg_1013
Sales price:  € 25,00

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Air filter support set 2cv

SKU: mrg_1016
Sales price:  € 10,00



Air inlet rubber carburettor 2cv6

SKU: nw1164
Sales price:  € 17,50
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